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Sheila Jaques

As well as being one of the founders of Egg Magazine and a member of the hatch collective, Sheila is a published poet and past contributor to the Victoria Writers' Society (Treasurer, President, workshop host and speaker). She has a BA in Linguistics, a dry sense of humour and a walk-in closet.

Christine Stefanitsis

Christine Stefanitsis, a founding member of little chick press, is a writer with poetry and fiction published in CV2, Fireweed and Emerge. Editing and publishing a Canadian literary magazine for women has been a life-long dream. Through her writing blog,, Christine anticipates coaxing her novel back to life.

Catherine Rees

Catherine Rees, a founding member of the hatch collective, is a long-time appreciator of the world of literature: novels, short stories, poetry, and the occasional bathroom wall. She looks forward to employing her talents with Egg to help provide readers with innovative, quality writing that she could only hope to produce herself one day.

Stay-c Voll

Stay-c Voll brings a cornucopia of robust skills, strengths and challenges to Egg. In mastering the art of baking 10 minute cookies in 8 minutes, with a gold medal performance in wrangling ranch kittens and with 14 years experience producing artistic endeavors, Stay-c embodies the id of the hatch collective.